How to create an Alfred Workflow using Python

  • Alfred app with the Powerpack
  • Basic Python knowledge
  • Apple Music (you can also modify this tutorial to work with Spotify)

What we will be making

Creating the Workflow

Step 1: Blank Workflow

Step 2: Connecting to Python

Step 3: Writing the Python script (Getting iTunes Data)

  • title: the title displayed on the Alfred dropdown
  • subtitle: the subtitle displayed on the Alfred dropdown
  • icon: the icon displayed on the Alfred dropdown (put your desired icon in the same folder as your file)
  • autocomplete: what Alfred will use to filter your results
  • arg: the string that is passed to a connected action in your Workflow

Step 4: Opening the Song in Apple Music

Step 5: Debugging

Downloads / Conclusion

Software Engineer

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Maharsh Patel

Maharsh Patel

Software Engineer

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